Why All Men Want A 3some

We all have our sexual fantasies. Some of us get more creative with our fantasies then others- whips & chains, masks, role playing, fucking a random girl on the subway, in the park, in a cab, in the movie theater… the list goes on and on.

There is, however, one fantasy that all men, of all shapes and sizes, share. Every man wants to have a threesome- at least one time in his life before he kicks the bucket.

Why a threesome? Why not a foursome, fivesome or group orgy? Simple; you have to start somewhere and a threesome seems to be chronologically, logically the first step. But there is something special about a man banging two women simultaneously that seems to be lost when you add another lady to the mix. Maybe it’s because we realize that there are only so many ways we can multitask.

Maybe it’s because we really don’t know where to sit the third one. Or, what most likely is the case, we realize that the amount of Viagra and Red Bull needed to satisfy three women or more during one session will almost certainly give us a heart attack.

But why is it that men, all men, fantasize about dipping their spoon into two desserts during one meal? Because it’s fucking awesome. And because men are dominant figures who feel empowered when they dominate a woman in the sack- give us two women to dominate and we become gods. Men aren’t the selfish creatures that women make us out to be- at least not in the sense they believe we are.

Yes, in the end we want to make sure that we enjoy ourselves and get our big climactic finale. Who doesn’t? For all that, we realize that getting to

that finale, so that we can take our well-deserved bow, is a whole lot easier if our partner, or in this case partners, are enjoying the show- applauding and showing their gratification throughout the performance.

The woman is the man’s audience. We show her our moves- she smiles, bites her lip, maybe even lets out a whimper of satisfaction. She lets us know that she is enjoying herself and knowing that she is enjoying herself lets us enjoy ourselves that much more.

The one thing that brings a man more satisfaction than anything else is knowing that the girl he is fucking is loving every thrust of it. Now, give us two girls that we can satisfy, two girls who’s heaves, moans and screams fill the room, we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by the most harmonious ego boost known to man. Zeus can keep his lightning bolt- we’ve just worked wonders with our own.

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