What is the Alternative Lifestyle?

Alternative Lifestyle is an umbrella term for “open” ways of living

There are so many “Alt Lifestyles”

It’s all about “Living Life Your Way”


Polygamy is actually much older than people think. For along time people have had marriages that involve more than two people. Depending where in the world you are different practices will arise from one man having many wives that usually have a singular relationship with the man, to others like America and Europe where it can often involve many different complicated dynamic mixes.

Open Relationship

Open Relationships can stem from dating openly to couples that are in a long term marriage or partnership but still like to date independently for the variety. This can consist of one or two long term partners but the primary staying consistent or it can be more of a “hall pass” scenario where couples will occasionally arrange sexual encounters elsewhere to spice things up or they just don’t want solo commitment.


Swinging usually involves committed couples consensually exchanging partners specifically for sexual purposes. It is tremendously diverse, ranging from brief interactions between or among strangers at sex parties or clubs, to groups of friends who know each other and have socialized for many years. Often it will have singles who also enjoy sex with both men and women. It can involve a lot of Bi Scenarios with MFM of MMF It can range from single wife swaps to gang bangs and orgies. Most swingers are heterosexuals’ but will often engage in bi-sexual play.


There are so many modern day people just chosing to be anything and everything just not monogmous!




This is often a term used for couples who will allow some form of “external” play for various degrees of sexual contact with others – this is all very dependent on each couple how far things can go it can be a one night stand to maybe a night out at the BDSM club getting spanked by a Dom to just playful kissing and groping it really depends but usually isn’t always “together play” it’s mostly just a little taste of sexual freedom with very set rules and permissions.

Relationship Anarchy

People talk about this and it can have a very wide range of what it means but to simplify it in a few words it is usually folks who are against the more traditional relationships of conventional cultural standards, so they prefer not to romanticize or prioritize a specific relationship. Instead RA tends to eliminate specific distinctions between or hierarchical valuations of friendships versus love-based relationships, so that love-based relationships are no more valuable than platonic friendships. 


These relationships involve all communities outside the “traditional values, for example gay, trans, bi-sexual, demi-sexual, pan-sexual, gender natural and so much more. Please see our article on LGBTQIA+ Terms. However in modern day society people are able to live life their way with less prejudice and many younger people are deciding to change their sexuality and sometimes their body parts to match their outer look to their inner feelings. Many gender neutral people will feel and look more feminine some days and more masculine others but they prefer not to identify as either.


The Term “Alternative Lifestyle” usually suggests that you have decided to live an open positive way of life that suits you regardless of general society expectations. Some have to live in the lifestyle still in the shadows because they are worried what work, family, children, colleagues and others may think of them. Others get to the point where they just say screw it I am going to live my way and surround myself with openly like minded people and not deal with anyone else who can’t get their head around it. How much do other people’s opinions really matter?

It certainly is very liberating when you really can be who the hell you want to be without some church or some prejudicial old school way of life telling you that you have to be a traditional “adam and eve”. We encourage everyone to try step into the colorful world of the Lifestyle and explore what suits you. It may be getting that little whip out in the bedroom and letting your man give you some 50 shades of naughty or it may be more daring in  wanting a mass orgy or walking down the street with your beard and also your stilletos and mini skirt. Just Do You!

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