Underground Swinging

Swinging is not as underground as it used to be but there is a a stigma attached. I know many swingers that are living the swinging/kinky life on the weekends as horny sex addicts having plenty sex, swapping partners and experimenting in every bi/pansexual dynamic they can get away with but then they go home to the kids and act like monogamy is the only way to be!

Why are people still so ashamed to express their sexual preferences openly? I mean if you wanna f**k your friends and everyone in the room is agreeable then where is the shame?

According to a study published in USA Today, there are over 3 million swingers in the United States alone and Claxton claim its nearer 9 million and it personally caters to an audience of around 400k. It seems Fifty Shades of Gray did a lot for the world in exposing that it is OK to be outside of the “Sunday morning hump” routine!

Although still a relatively underground phenomenon, swinging, or “the lifestyle” as it’s referred to by the people who do it, is a populous community composed of doctors, lawyers, school teachers, parents, young people, old people, middle-aged people, and yes, attractive people. Wealthy people. Interesting people. You know, people that you’d actually want to sleep with. In fact it is becoming increasing popular with the younger market as the new generation believe less in monogamy year by year.

Many fantasize about swinging but not really sure where to start or how to approach the subject with their partners for fear of them being considered too freaky but the funny thing is you probably know at least one couple who are swingers you are just not aware of it.

That’s why platforms such as thealtstyle.com, which is an accepting social community is a fantastic place to start. It has a similar social platform to a lot of well known social platforms with the change to post in the main feed or join individual groups that take your interest. Many are wanting to experience in BDSM or threesomes or couple swaps and this is the ideal place to meet friends whether its for a poly type relationship or whether you just want to hook up and leave after the orgasms die down.

Most swinger parties can be held in private homes but there are also many clubs that cater to this as well as vacation resorts and cruise lines all full of naughty minded open people. thealtstyle.com is all about you finding your “freak” and being more open and less shamed about it. Take a look, it’s free to all members (over +21 only) and offers great resources, events, businesses that are lifestyle friendly and even provide links to burlesque, clubs, LGBT resources and a lot more.

Many events such as Naught in Nawlins, Hedonism and other popular destinations are all listed within thealtstyle.com and we recommend visiting one of the local bars or clubs they recommend as a laid back approach to meeting friends before heading straight into a swingers party full of unknown people and pressure.

Many experienced swingers will even insist it has strengthened their marriage bonds because it gives each other opportunities to have sexual pleasures without getting bored of the same person (your partner) but at the same time building trust and sexual excitement in sharing experiences and watching other people give your partner pleasure but knowing they are still committed to you regardless. Often this can lead to trust in having open marriages or “hall passes” so options are to play together or have your own sexual time individually.

Either way we like to encourage you to LIFE LIFE YOUR WAY .. Learn more by joining thealtstyle

Tell us about your sexual experiences in swinging, or ask us your questions …

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