The Other Woman

Something very regretful happened at A man and his wife brought me into their home as a companion…..even with kids living in the house.     The first night started out a little odd….I was sitting on…a swingers club

A man and his wife brought me into their home as a companion…..even with kids living in the house. 

   The first night started out a little odd….I was sitting on the couch with the wife (let’s call her Jane), trying to have a conversation.  The husband came out of the kitchen and sat between us to join in our small talk (let’s call him John).  I remembered they had older boys like high school age walking through the house and it didn’t seem to phase them at that I was there to live with them. I was nervous and unsure of the situation.  I mean I have had plenty of sexual experiences and been in wild situations, but never imagined being a live in sexual companion for a wife/husband. So back to sitting on the couch with them and the husband nonchalantly rubs my leg. It takes me by surprise and I jump up and say “I am going to take a shower”.  So the wife follows me through the kitchen to reassure me that everything is fine.  I smile and say I am fine….just wanting to shower before bed. I gather some bed clothes and jump in the shower. I lather my body with soap and start to wash my nerves down the drain as the hot water starts to relax me. I poured myself a glass of wine before I left the kitchen… it helped my nerves as well. I step out of the shower and as I dry myself off I speak to my reflection…..Randa, you are not shy, or inexperienced. This will be whatever you want it to be. Jane and John have no clue how much fun you can be. Now show them what they have been missing. 

 So this is what I did……..  I dressed in a thin silky shirt nighty with little straps. I wore nothing underneath. I rubbed a little smell good oil on my nipples and my inner thighs. I walked through the kitchen where John was standing and headed straight to the couch where Jane was sitting. I bent over the back of the couch to give John the view of my plump pussy peaking out between my thighs as I leaned over and whispered in Jane’s ear….come with me. I took Jane by the hand and walked her back through the kitchen in front of John who is standing there with an open mouth. I smiled and said give us 10 mins and come find us. I led Jane to their bedroom and closed the door. I instructed her to remove her clothes and she had 5 mins to shower. Only wear a towel. She did as she was told…..standing in front of me with only a towel, she started to tell me that she was nervous….so I leaned in and gave her a soft open mouth kiss to stop her from talking. I parted her lips with my tongue gaining access to deepen the kiss and loosen her up.  I dropped her towel and she gasp but I just shoved my tongue deeper in her mouth as I ran my hands down her arms to her hips and onto her ass. I turn her towards the mirror and stand behind her…..never taking my hands off her and whisper in her ear…..look at your beautiful nakedness. I am going to lick every inch of your body starting with your lips…(and I trace with my fingers as I tell her)…sucking on each breast….lapping your wetness from this pussy. Her eyes are half lidded and she is exactly where I want her to be….no nerves and wanting me to do all of those things to her. 

About this time John walk in and is in shock that I have Jane in front of the mirror running my hands down her naked body.  I see his dick get hard through his shorts and he starts to walk to us. I stop him politely and seductively whisper to him that if he wants to play he needs to follow my directions and be a good boy. I sat him and gave him instructions to remove his clothes and then sit on the bed with his  back against the headboard. He was going to watch and not join tonight unless I said otherwise.  He did what he was told. With only dim lights I stood Jane at the opposite end of the bed and told her not to be concerned about John….I was going to make her feel good tonight. I started with touching her breast….her thighs, her ass. I kissed her and whispered to just relax and enjoy what I was about to do for her. I removed my nighty….and ran my tongue as promised from her lips to her thighs….Jane was starting to shiver a little and tried to look over at John, but I had her lay down and close her eyes…..I lay beside her and took her hands and touched myself. Never forgetting to kiss her…..suck the breath out from her lungs as she freely started to roam her hands over my body. I hover on top of her and separate her thighs so I can rest between them. I kiss the inside of each thigh and breath hot air over her trimmer pussy.  She tries to squeeze her thighs shut but I am not giving in…..I lap at her clit  slowly a few times….going lower with each lap of my tongue. I smell her sweet wetness starting to flow and I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy lapping all her wetness. It was intoxicating to me…. before I knew it her hands were in my hair and she was grinding against my tongue.  Jane’s eye no longer closed and no longer nervous about me…..she screamed my name as I sucked her orgasm right out of her throbbing pussy.  Breathless…..I was excited and needing my own release now…..I worked my way up and kissed Jane deep letting her taste herself. John sitting there with dick in his hand….cum flowing over the top and running down his legs…..I needed him to be hard again…..I told Jane that I needed to cum as well….that she worked me up. I told her that I wanted her to suck the cum off Johns dick and get him hard again…..and that I would help her stay excited……she bent over and I pulled her ass up in the air as she sucked Johns dick….I slid my fingers I. And out of her wet pussy and then slid my fingers into John’s mouth so he could taste her….before I shoved my tongue down his throat. Didn’t take long before he was hard again and I told him to lay down in the middle of the bed. I leaned into Jane and kissed her hard and informed her that I was going to fuck her husband and she was going to help. I told her to sit on his face while facing me as I lowered myself on John’s hard dick. I told John to lick his wife’s pussy because I had made her wet as hell. As I rocked myself on his dick I was kissing Jane and tasting a mixture of her sweetness with his salty cum lingering on her tongue. Jane was grinding on Johns’s tongue as I was grinding on his cock.  I started to climax and screamed for John to fill me full….give me every drop of cum left in his body…….hearing this made him burst inside of me….and Jane leaked her wetness once again but on John’s face this time.  With cum dripping down my legs….I walk back to my room as I hear the headboard banging against the wall for another round……lol…..guess we all got comfortable quick.

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  1. Michael A Vesely

    this is awesome… my late wife and I were looking for a companion as well… maybe one day I can find a lover again that wants the excitement we can all have… TY for sharing and look forward to reading more.

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