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Are women into swinging as much as men

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It’s funny, I am very open about my lifestyle and when I am talking to your traditional monogamous people I hear the most outrageous comments and get the weirdest questions for example one thing I often hear over and over is “why do the men force their women to swing” or similar type comments. That is such a misconception in the lifestyle, there are thousands and thousands of single women in the Lifestyle that choose to swing and some even refer to themselves as Unicorns. Unicorns tend to be ready to play more so with couples and enjoy the attention they get from both man and woman alike.

The Lifestyle can be a little one sided in the sense more women may prefer to be bi-sexual or open to bi play where not as many men are, however believe me many women both single and in relationships choose to swing without any kind of pressure from anyone.

Sexually liberated ladies are a turn on period. There is nothing hotter than a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to ask for it. I mean seriously do you think anyone enjoys the woman who lays still and doesn’t moan. Its not 1812 anymore!

It is sickening that people will try make women into victims purely because they enjoy sex as much (or if not more) with other partners than the men do.


Cougars and Vixens

One of the other misconceptions is that if a woman enjoys sex she must be some ravenous Cougar or Vixen of have some title like Milf! People have these impressions that women in the lifestyle are only swingers because they are hussies that have fake tits, fake faces and more, again, this is ridiculous, now while some of us ladies if we can afford it will for sure get a little life, nip or tuck to look after ourselves (I mean who doesn’t want to look better) we are in fact every day people, moms, school teachers, lawyers, secretaries – you name it. We come from all walks of life, from all ethnic backgrounds and from every size and shape in the book!

Swinging is not about the perfect body or even being able to give a porn star blow job (although again who would say no to that!) it is about seeking sexual pleasure, finding every single thing that will turn us on, make us squirt, scream or quiver! All without shame. Some women like a threesome with their partner and another lady, others like to have two men adoring them, some will go for the full on gang bang, others will want to be tied and gaged and whipped until they are made to beg for more.

There is no set rule to being a female swinger! It’s all about finding out what YOU like. Contrary to the belief it is about pleasing the husband (and while of course you want to please your partner if you have one) it is primarily about getting some variety and spice and experimenting on the things you may not with your partner.

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Research does show that it is around 70% of the guys that do introduce the females initially to swinging, however once the ladies try it they seem to take off with it quite happily.

Gone are the days where sex is all for the pleasure of the man, women are allowed not enjoy it and if a man can have five women then what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Women need to shake off the shame, the constant negativity that was built up for hundreds of years that they should not enjoy sex, the questioning of themselves constantly, for example the need to diet or get so much work done to keep up with those magazine images. Others worry about their clothing “will I look too slutty” hell girl NO .. Do you! Be slutty, be sensual, be sexual be a god damn lion and roar if that’s your thing!

Some women who have never experienced swinging will ask “don’t you get jealous?, I would!” But once you have some experience you realize that how you look is only a small part of the process, your man is with you because of all the things you give him, the hair twirls, the great dinners, the kids, the strength, the loyalty etc, he may be attracted to someone else for sex but does that mean he would throw you or all you have away for a quicky? Think about it logically. If he were that type of man then even staying monogamous will probably just mean hes cheating and doing it behind your back so why not have those agreements together where you both can have fun not just him without devastating the relationship?

After the very first “swinging” experience, many women have stated that their husband looked at them with ” fresh eyes” and showed a higher level of sexual desire for them, that often rekindles the sexual spark and allows them to feel confident once again.  For women being designed is such a huge confidence builder for them and it often revives the seduction they feel for their husband/partner.

So many women feel sexually liberated and find a new “inner strength” through swinging an their men actually gain more respect for them because they realize the bond as a couple can get so amazingly strong it builds them as a team and he doesn’t see his wife as “the kitchen mom” anymore he sees his woman as that strong sexy vibrant woman who dresses like a minx and has all the men’s heads turning but he get’s to call her HIS so it gives him a little lion in the jungle vibe too!

What’s weird about it all is the women usually end up primarily in control! After the initial nervousness wears off, it is the women who have the final say on who “parties with whom” and how (couples only, girl-on-girl, threesomes, group sex, including the enforcement of safe sex rules). However, If the woman isn’t interested in an individual or a couple, a polite excuse is given. The man usually abides by the decisions of “his female”. Women in swinging score very high on the self-determination scale, meaning, they are in absolute control of their decisions and are unlikely to be easily swayed by others, unlike men who can be talked into anything .. “what is the old saying .. you are thinking with the wrong head” too many times guys are easily swayed by sex where women will be more “picky”.

Now there are always RULES to what the couple will usually lay out and agree upon but as the comfort level of the couple increases the rules seem to decrease as each will start to trust more and have a better understanding of boundaries and triggers.

One of the most surprising, and apparently, benefits of swinging for women is trust. One study subject puts the rationale for trust in perspective: “Why would your husband go elsewhere for sex, if he can have access to other women in a stimulating environment with his wife’s participation and consent? And why would a woman look for a sexual tryst elsewhere when she can get everything she wants sexually from swinging with the consent and approval of her husband?” .. Now there are still people, even though they are given everything they want that will still cheat and deceive. Maybe because they have been told its’s “hand’s off on that one” or maybe they are just that kinda dog!



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But Overall swinging is known to give women confidence, freedom and a better level of trust in their man. They are able to be sensual, sexual, demanding, liberated, lustful, provocative, and experimental without shame, fear of repercussions, criticisms or any of those old fashioned stigmatization.  It doesn’t matter if you have a slim, fit body, or if you qualify as , short, tall, fluffy, big, beautiful woman; the sensual is valued higher over the “perfect.”

Swinging is not for everyone. Some marriages are not stable enough and some people just can’t over come their insecurities, both men and women alike so don’t ever push your partner into it but nothing wrong with having an open discussion if you feel your marriage needs a little something extra, Its better to do it together than cheat, but guys, don’t shame women for wanting to be their natural sexual selves, they have been suppressed since the start of time while men run around doing what and who they want so be open minded and support those beautifully liberated Ladies!

Are you a lady in the Lifestyle? Please share your experiences with us and how you got into it all …

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