Do Open Relationships Work?

Isn’t it a far better option than cheating?

Open Relationship or Polyamorous?

So you’ve been seeing someone for a while, and things are going great. We all desire, a little differently, what we see as a perfect relationship. Now you enjoy variety and it is said that variety is the spice of life. So now the conversation begins on whether opening your relationship to others is an option or not, I mean who wouldn’t want to be in a happy and healthy relationship and get some sexual freedom….

So for those who have open relationship questions, lets talk about it.

It’s VERY important to notice the differences between an open relationship and polyamory….




An open relationship is having multiple sexual partners with the consent of everyone involved. It’s more focused on a person or couple’s sexual appetite for different/new partners and/or experiences. Sometimes, both partners engage in sexual activity with others together, other times each person do their own thing separately.

Those who engage in open relationships keep their primary relationship as their first priority. They tend to/should have clear boundaries set. It can be set up as a don’t ask/don’t tell. It can be that you talk about it before and/or after. there are many aspects to open relationships.


Campers' Feet Sticking Out of a Station Wagon

Polyamory is when one or both partners have multiple romantic, intimate partners. It’s focused more about nurturing and emotional relationships, than just having a sexual relationship.

For many polyamorous individuals and couples, each relationship is treated equally, but love is the main priority in every relationship formed.

What does these types of relationships have in common??

They are focused on non-monogamy (not exclusive). Not everyone can do non-monogamous relationships and there is nothing wrong with that, if it is your cup of tea, lets discuss what you’ve learned, what you’d like to add or change about this lifestyle?

Being in an open relationship takes a lot of trust and mutual respect, the goal is to set clear goals and guidelines within your primary relationship.

  • Honesty is always priority
  • Balance time, your primary should never feel left behind
  • Consent, consent, consent
  • Don’t date friends or people that you or your partner are not comfortable with
  • Always, be safe, use protection
  • Full Transparency, it will remove the suspicions and feelings of betrayal

Being in an open relationship, there will always be a “risk” of one partner falling in love with someone else.

  • Make sure that the foundation of your primary relationship is strong before embarking on an open relationship
  • Perhaps polyamory is something you’d be interested in, and may work better as opposed to an open relationship

So if you decide that an open relationship is something you would like to explore, the ultimate end goal is to be happy and secure in yourself and your partner. For some, It will seem impossible to have an open relationship over time without getting hurt or feeling vulnerable. So, what are the perks of being in an open relationship? It’s an opportunity to feel secure with one person while exploring your sexuality. It gives one the freedom of sexual diversity and could even strengthen your bond between you and your partner.


Share your experiences? Anything to add, would love to hear from you

As always hope you have a sensual day.



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