List of Nudist Locations in the USA for the Adult & Alternative Lifestyles

Wan’t to be naked and free, do a little skinny dipping?

Then check out our list of some of the most amazing naked camp grounds, resorts and hot spring spas .. some are more family friendly and some are way more adult orientated


Adult & Family Orientated

Be sure to check in with each place, we have compiled a list of some of the best clothing optional hot springs, naked camp grounds, and day spas. Some are very adamant on zero clothing policies at all times and others have varying days, times and rules, but in each you can kick back, get back to nature in your skin and get that full over tan that you dream of.

The US have some of the best nudist resorts around the globe so if it’s your thing you are spoiled with choice with amazing RV parks. pools, spas, beautiful natural hot springs and lots of places to meet amazing people who know that feeling of freeing the skin


Resorts and Overnight Stays


We also have plenty of options to kick back and relax for a long weekend or more, grab your cocktails, relax all day then hit a cozy bed for the night and wake up to more of the same. Most resorts offer clothing optional pools, some have clothing optional restaurants and bars and other offer clothing-optional games too. There are some classy RV and “Glamping sites” as well as top notch luxury naked paradises that will bring you breakfast in bed so there is something for everyone.

We have complied a map of places for you so it’s easy to click on and find websites and info to each relevant place in your state or one you fancy visiting.

Love the Nudist Campgrounds?

So many people love to get up and have that naked coffee in nature so we have added lots of nudist campgrounds, most offer tent or cabin hire or you can bring your own tents and RV’s, all are hassle free, private and a fabulous way to be one with nature. Modern day campgrounds give you all the areas to feel like you are lost in nature but provide all those home comforts like hot showers, grocery stores, bars & restaurants, some have beaches, others have hiking trails that can be done completely bare back but keep in mind lots will make them family orientated so if you are looking for an adult only thing check before you go.


Please keep in mind with Covid that many places will not take walk in-s so it’s important to check availability and make reservations as many have had to limit numbers too. If you feel we are missing places please let us know below or give us your feedback if you have been or about to visit any of these places, we all love legit reviews

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