Hotwife – Why are so many women turning to this?


What is a Hotwife and why do men want this

Many people can’t get their minds around other men having sex with their wives, but this is now a huge part of the Alternative Lifestyle for open marriages, kink, swinging, cuckolds and more.

What is the role of a hotwife and her husband? Well much like any alternative lifestyle dynamic there are slight variations depending on the couple and their rules but in general the man will encourage his lady to go out and sleep with as many men as she wants, sometimes buying her fancy dresses or lingerie and will often help her get ready for the date or clean her up when she gets home.

Now you might be asking why the fuck would any guy do that?

Thousands of husbands and wives cheat .. we in the Lifestyle don’t like cheating, we prefer to have everything honest, open and consensual, it’s not only safe but it’s respectful and keeps good relationships together. Trust is a huge thing and once that is gone in a relationship there is not much left and cheats tend to ruin the foundation so being a hotwife with the inclusion and permission/agreement, of your husband makes it all the hotter. Number one, he will get turned on by the stories you tell him when you arrive home with can get you into another steamy session and two the bond you build with each other is incredible because he knows regardless of who you fuck he is your king and you will always come back to him.


People love risk, else why the hell would there be millions of cheaters and websites full of people boasting on them that they are cheats and looking for other cheaters. This ends marriages quickly!

However with a Hotwife its all consensual and often the man will take the role of a cuckold, meaning he loves the humiliation of actually watching another man fuck his wife right in front of him and not being asked to join in. Some take this even further and will “cage” the husband’s dick so he isn’t even allowed to get hard.

Lot’s of research has been done on this and all the couples asked mostly the men have a huge fantasy of knowing their wife is desired by other men.


Most couples can get into a “stagnant” period of sex during their marriage, many want to spice it up with being a swinger, adding some BDSM or hotwifing. Too many are embarassed to discuss fantasies which leads to marriage break up’s too but often this scenario will please the man because he is getting to realize he has such an amazingly hot wife everyone wants and she is all his but also for the woman because she get’s to live out some of her sexual fantasies with the knowledge, acceptance and protection of her husband so it provides women with a lot of freedom.

Another good thing is it can free the ladies from past jealousies of their men. Rather than the man worrying she is doing something behind his back she can do it with consent and respect of her man. I mean let’s face it jealousy is one of the main factors of relationships breaking up or having huge disagreements and this allows her to trust him more knowing he has her sexual needs at heart but also has her back all round.

A woman who does not feel sexy, becomes a non sexual person. If she doesn’t feel desired and wanted then her whole sex drive can be lost. Being desired by man different men gives the woman a huge ab=mount of self confidence therefore making her hot and horny for her man because he allows her to feel so wanted and desired.




It really does increase Intimacy

Not only does it create a greater sense of sexual satisfaction for both husband and wife, hotwifing creates a platform her attaining physical satisfaction as the woman is able to spend quality time with men who interest her, which quenches the thirst that in more traditional marriages might otherwise lead to affairs and betrayals.

However, as a couple, you should completely trust each other and ensure that you are reading the same script before any encounters are made.

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