Forced to Masturbate

How I was forced to masturbate in front of 20 strangers 

I’m a man from a third world country. This Story happened when I was 20 years old.

One time I had been in the bus terminal just walking around and looking for the riding time to come. I should explain that there is a police post in every bus terminal in my country to maintain public discipline. Unexpectedly, a cop came towards me and addressed me that I looked suspicious and I would have to follow him to the post for a brief investigation. I followed him bewildered and shocked. He took me to the officers room at the hidden back corner of the post, where three other cops were also standing, the officer who had been sitting at his desk, boldly asked me how much I was carrying. I was astonished and replied that I didn’t know how much what he meant. He glared at me in anger and yelled me not to try to pretend that I didn’t know what he means and asked again how much drugs I was carrying. I trembled with fear and swore that I carried nothing but my personal possessions. Officer raged and ordered the four cops boldly to take me to the interrogation room. Three of them led me across the post’s backyard to an apparently abandoned quiet building at the opposite side of the yard. Passing a long corridor, they took me to a room with its windows covered with thick curtains. There was a table in the middle of the room with a lampshade hanging on it providing the only light source of the room and several chairs where positioned around the table.

I stood there trembling for a few minutes before the officer entered with something in his hand. He showed me the stuff and yelled what is this. I declared with quivering voice that I had no idea. He suddenly slapped me and shouted that it was opium and added that they found it in my luggage. I was now dying in fear because I realized that they had some plan for me as I knew that I didn’t have anything like that in my luggage.

He told me that they had to inspect my body thoroughly and ordered me to take off my shoes and socks. As one of the cops was inspecting them, the officer commanded me to take of my overcoat and handed it to another cop to inspect and made me remove my shirt. It also underwent the same fate as the others. He approached me and put his hand on my quickly heaving chest to try my heartbeat which was throbbing as a bird’s heart. Then he commanded me to take off my trousers. I did it embarrassingly and unwillingly. As they started to inspect my trousers, the commander stretched the garter of my shorts from the front gazing inside and commenting that I was not shaved and clean. I was sweating in shame and humiliation.

He then ordered me to remove my slip and rise up my hands while he performing a close-up inspection on my hairy armpits, making me ashamed by asking why I don’t shave my body. He made me even more ashamed as he commented that I was a masturbating boy because my pointed nipples were betraying that they have been subject to nipple play for a long time. This was bad enough up to now, but the worst was still to come.

Now, all the cops had finished with their so called inspection jobs and were staring at me when the commander ordered me to take off my shorts. I had no choice but to follow the command despite my will, while shivering and gasping with my face totally red with shame and embarrassment. I took off the last thing which was covering my body and stood there completely naked in front of four stranger men while I was trying to cover my penis with my hands. As the officer noticed this, he ordered me to put my hands behind my head and slide my legs open. Doing this, my whole naked body got exposed to their indecent sights.

I was almost melting down with shame as no one had seen my stark naked body up to that time. Then he ordered one of the cops to take pictures of my naked body with his camera, to save as “evidence”. After that, he ordered me to turn my back on them with my legs still stretch open and my hands behind my head and bend down. They had now a totally exposed view of my anus, balls and penis. The commander then ordered the cops to inspect my body. They came around me and started so called inspection. The process included pinching and twisting my nipples, rubbing my balls, twiddling and stroking my penis and teasing and fingering my asshole, all at the same time, which after a while gave me a hard erection and caused me coo and jerk uncontrollably. After inspecting me like this for about five minutes, they retreated, leaving me with a hard precum dripping cock and reported that I was clean.

Then the officer ordered me to stand straight and turn my front towards them. I did that, but this time with a rock hard penis pointing straight out of my body. This was so fucking embarrassing. As the officer noticed the glare on tip of my penis, bent down and performed a close-up inspection and stated victoriously that he was right saying that I was a masturbating pervert boy, because he could see that precum had already started running and dripping from the tip hole of my penis. He ordered the cop with a camera to take some close-up pictures of my penis to save as “evidence” as well.

Then he said that he could offer me a favor. He could just forget about the opium stuff which was found in my luggage as they claimed. But he could do this only if I agreed to masturbate until I ejaculate while he and his colleagues were watching, and I had to repeat the process for five times. I had no choice but to accept.

They took the middle table to the side of one of the walls and arranged the chairs in a half circle around it. Then they made me climb up the table, lean my back to the wall with my knees half folded and my legs and thighs wide stretched to the sides and start masturbating. As I started stroking my cock, the officer uttered that this way will not do. He ordered me to do it in ecstasy, moaning and gasping so as to induce intense arousal in the observers. He also ordered me to play with my nipples with one hand as I was jerking off with the other; and I had to do all these while one of those cops was filming me.

I did it the way that he instructed and as I was performing my embarrassing duty, they were mocking me and talking about me in an extremely indecent way. In about ten minutes cum squirted out of my penis smearing the top of the interrogation table. The officer provided me with a towel to clean my sperm off myself and the table.

I was going to start the second round, but the commander said that I should get dressed and wait. They left me, locking the door. A few minutes later, the officer came back accompanied by five other cops, two of them were females. He ordered me to restart the whole stripping and masturbation business back from the beginning. This was absolutely incredible. I had just accustomed to those three cops a little. But these were totally strangers, all five of them, and worse than all, two of them were females. It was unbearably embarrassing to perform the whole fucking business in front of them. But what else could I do? Carrying drug could bring me a fate far more worse than what I was dealing with. Anyway, I did it while I was almost dying with embarrassment and shame. I did it three more times, each time in front of a new group, except the commanding officer who was present during all five sessions gauging my performance.

Then they let me go. So it happened to me to get forced to masturbate in front of a sum of about 20 persons mixed up of male and female in different sessions.

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