What is Dogging?

Some have heard the term some have not, but think of it similar to porn but instead of watching through your TV or PC screen, you will have the power to watch people in live action. This will usually occur in a private places such as woodlands or private car parks etc. People normally watch it from their car windows while they are with other people who are also watching the action take place. Some will allow you to watch close up and others will allow you to reach through the window and touch up or maybe even allow you to bring them out of the car for a communal pleasuring amongst strangers.

Is Dogging Common?

It is far less common in the US that say Britain and Australia but it does not mean that it is not happening in other parts of the world and the US. There are some people who do dogging in broad daylight and some people are trying to stop it for public indecency so it is important to find the right secluded places to arrange these kind of meet ups or join maybe a professional group that arrange them. Obviously dogging at night is a lot safer but some just get off more with the more risk involved.

Make me wonder if it is less popular in the US because of stricter laws on public indecency, I mean no one wants to end up on a lifetime sex offenders registry just for getting his or her rocks off in public for a little fun!

For some dogging is about having a quick sexual experience either by voyeurisms or touch without having any kind of knowledge about the person or even knowing their name, lots of people have hot fantasies about sex with strangers.

For others it could be for a Hot-wife situation where the husband or partner just gets totally turned on by seeing men lust over their ladies knowing they are the ones that get to take them home afterwards.

How to find a dogging Location?

Well thankful for the internet there are always websites and groups you can join to take advantage of finding local spots in your area, but our recommendation is to seriously spend time researching the groups and their ethics and rules. If it is done right it will be an organized crowd of people who are fairly familiar with each other who will keep real predator’s away. I mean think about it, while this can be a hot and sexy scenario it can also be a very dangerous one especially for single ladies to go off into the woods alone I am sure we don’t need to point out the specific danger areas!

Personal Safety Tips

You cannot expect that just because someone that you will meet at the dogging site is clean, the person will already be clean from sexually transmitted diseases. View all loading content and tips that will provide all the details you need to ensure that you will be safe before you get into it:

  • Always make use of condoms. Some doggers will bring large boxes of condoms and pass them around to ensure that people will be practising safe sex. Search for one before you get to the site. Some of the people that you will see at the site are people that you will meet for the first time. You do not want to get a disease from them.
  • There are also some people who may use lubes because they feel that this will make sex more comfortable for them. There are also some people who will want to pass this around in dogging sites.
  • If you see that the location where dogging is going to take place is a bit seedy or unsafe, do not push through with the activity. There is a big chance that drug dealing or prostitution may take place in those areas. I have heard some bad experiences from people who tried to still do it. It won’t be worth it.
  • You will probably have some valuables with you. Instead of bringing them with you wherever you go, you are recommended to leave them in a safe place. The only thing that you need to keep close to you is your car keys so that you can break free and get away from the area if needed.
  • After the dogging has taken place, you are recommended to drive around a bit or to go to other areas wherein you can eat or have coffee. This is also for your safety because you need to make sure that you are not being followed. I do this whenever I get the chance.

There are also some women who love participating in dogging. They should be extra careful especially when dealing with some men who feel like they deserve to get everything. If you are a woman, do not be afraid to tell a man off if you think that he has gone too far. I am a man and I would like to protect women whenever they feel that they are being taken advantage of some men.

There are also some couples who would like to participate in dogging. If you are participating with your partner, make sure that you will read as many details as you can about how you can be comfortable with the situation. You can be active but you need to set some rules so that you will both know when you have had enough. I usually like to do it on my own because I think that it makes things less complicated.

Our Thoughts on it

Dogging is more rampant now than ever and becoming more popular in the US and other countries. There are some people who can be secretive about it because they feel shame about enjoying it much like other areas of the alternative lifestyle but once you start finding the right sites and friends you will find real connections and be able to explore this avenue you desire. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure that you will engage in the sexual act safely.

Do you like dogging?

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