Nails Can Really Spice Up Your Sex Life

Unhealthy Nails, either hands or feet can seriously put off your partner or even your business colleagues and friends, and this applies to men and ladies alike. Now while I am not suggesting all guys go out and start painting their nails (and nothing wrong if you want to it is 2021 after all) it is essential to really take time to manicure yourself with even the basics. Manicures and Pedicures are always important to turn up the heat.

Take A Min For You!

As a busy single mother I understand this doesn’t always seem a priority but I have found this genius, easy and very affordable nail care routine, and for me they are especially great for my toe nails to get that extra spark because they last an amazingly long time no matter how much I bash them around with my hot boots or high heel shoes or even my doc martins in the snow!

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Have you ever tried a brand called color street. You literally have a huge assortment of colors and patterns and they are almost like sticking some tape to your nails but so much prettier and realistic but time wize it’s that simple, you cut the shape, stick and you are done.

Going to the Salon can take a lot of time and also cost a lot of money, these things are easy to open and do yourself while you are catching up on TV or waiting for the pot roast to finish! So no excuses .. try them out today and I have included a link to an amazing lady that helps me with all my needs and even gives me bulk discounts the more I buy in one shot as I like to buy them for presents for my friends too.

COLOR STREE2 color street 3

Check it out on FACEBOOK HERE If you host a virtual party with her you can get amazing deals for yourself so it’s an easy way to get while you give and make a few new friends while you are at it!


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