Cheating vs Swinging

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We believe in standards of Honesty, Loyalty and Respect and above all CONSENT. The LS community is built up of all walks of life from LGBTQIA+ to BDSM but we all have one thing in common and that is the respect of being honest about what we do, who we do it with and staying true to ourselves and our lovers.

People will look down on swingers with disgust but changes are their partners, themselves or their family members or friends all have a secret lover stashed away who they are cheating with! Believe it or not most people prove that in some way or another they are just not cut out for monogamy for a lifetime period. That’s not to suggest all people are not but you have to ask yourself if being monogamous is so appealing why do so many cheat?

In my opinion, I am much prouder to be part of the LS community (Adult Alternative Lifestyle) which is consensual and based on mutual agreements of everyone involved, than ever encourage any form of cheating which only causes the partner who is being cheated on, total soul destruction, loss of trust and leaves in most cases a big dose of insecurity, self doubt or some kind of self hate complex because they are always asking themselves “why did they cheat? was I not good enough?, pretty enough?, well endowed enough? etc. There are websites out there specifically just for CHEATS which have 60 MILLION members. WOW! so that’s 60 million who are basically lying and cheating on their partners and we wonder why the divorce rate is so high.

However in the LS we have MILLIONS of swingers (who are not so underground anymore), and it is especially refreshing to see more and more women who consensually enjoy sex (together or separate depending on the dynamic of open marriage or same room swinger for example) and go home to their partners knowing they all had fun and no one did anything that would hurt the other.

Cheating on the other hand can devastate a person. I am sure most of you can relate where you have been cheated on or think your partner is or has cheated in some way and that trust never get’s back to where it should be, primarily it’s not just the sex that bothers the partner but it is the fact that if they lose trust in you then everything goes, I mean how can they trust you with money, or their kids, or anything you say every again including the words I love you!

Why not talk to your partner instead of cheat? Maybe they too are bored of sex with you and they also want something to spice it up. You obviously loved them at one point so why not grow together instead of being deceitful. Every relationship can get stagnant but I would far rather my partner say hey let’s add a lady friend with us tonight than sneaking off leaving me at home bored and wondering what the hell is going on.

Relationships are vital to make the world go round and I personally think honesty is the top ranking part of a relationship. What’s your thoughts or experiences?


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