Boudoir Photography

Have you ever felt like you need to just remember you are a sexy woman. Being a mom or working too much takes it’s toll on us all, we are so busy doing the washing, mowing the lawn, planting the flowers, scrubbing toilets all while doing a hard days work in the office when do we have the energy or time to feel sexy again.

If you are anything like me you will hesitate on doing a photo shoot because you start to wonder if you can justify the money on yourself I mean after all the kiddo needs a new soccer outfit or your Babygirl needs those ballet lessons but STOP. for once do something for you, it doesn’t matter what size you are because let’s face it all us women think we always have extra “fluff” to get rid of right? The point is to make you remember that YOU ARE SEXY, your man loved on you because you were sexy .. If your sex life or your sex drive has gone down it may be because you are not putting out those vibes you used to which said “take me over the kitchen sink right now”!

Even if you don’t have a man maybe it’s time to vamp up those Tinder and Bumble Pics to get that tasty man you have been dreaming of.

BUT WAIT .. is this just about women, HELL NO, come on guys have you looked how boring your pics are on a dating website, I mean come on only so many fishing photos or ski mask photos a girl can take!! There is nothing hotter to a woman than a man who can man scape and be his sexy self. That’s why we all lust after the brad pits of the world so guys, you can do a bedroom pic session too ..

What about super sexy pics, have you ever wanted to get some pics in stockings or hot leather bound to a chair for instance?

Are you a professional photographer for sexy pics, if so give us a shout we may be able to send you some referrals


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