An Amazing Body Game ..

This is a true story that happened 8 months back.Since i was looking for some good investments, My friend promised me that he will ask his friend, working on mutual funds, to call me. The next day I received a phone from a lady with a sweet voice detailing me on the mutual fund options. Since she knew my friend, We decided to meet at a restaurant to discuss more on it. We met in a Chinese restaurant and the moment i saw her, i could not take my eyes off her.

She was Nithya – had wheatish complexion beautiful lips, a bit pulpy, voluptous boobs , round ass with sexy figure. She was wearing a low hip saree and i could see her navel peeping out to wink at me now and then. Oh god!!!!, I was instantly attracted.

She is 32 (I later came to know) years old with 7 years old son and her husband was working in Dubai, visiting chennai every 3 months. She asked about me and Our conversation became more personal and we started chatting over phone. One day i went to her house on invitation to have lunch.

She had not completed cooking, so i started helping her. I could see that she was watching me very closely was tryiing to come near me on every given opportunity. My 7 inch cock started waking up and wanted to come out & I made sure that she noticed the bulge. Suddenly she adjusted her saree such that i could see her beautiful boobs & navel very clearly. I could not hold on. I somehow took the courage to go behind her and kept my hands on her shoulder when her son was not around. She came a step back with her ass teasing my cock. oh… god what a feeling. aahhhhhhhhhh…………. I just hugged her a slid my hand into her saree caressing her navel, but could hear her son coming. so we stopped, disappointed….:(.

That evening, i called her and we had dirty chat and i could not control myself. I wanted to lick & taste every inch of her body – her navel, boobs, vagina, Armpits, asshole ….everyting. She also wanted to satisfy her urge and we decided to take leave & meet on monday since her son would go to school at 7:30 am in the morning and will go to his grandmoms house till Nithya pick her son at 7:00 PM.

I had promised to meet Nithya at her apartment at 8:30 am, but reached there at 8:00 am. Nithya opened the door with a erotic smile and asked – can’t wait ,isn’t? and kissed me on the lips. She asked me to wait for sometime till she takes bath and come. I wanted to join her, but she said -”darling we have the whole day, have patience”.

She came back on a light brown plain saree with a sleeveless blouse, tied behind with only 2 threads. I could see her whole soft, dusky & sexy back. Her juicy navel was visible through the saree. She had applied light make-up…… She looked so hot and my cock became a hot rod. I slowly went behind her, hugged her lightly pushed her to the wall. I placed light kisses on her shoulder and at back of her neck. I said….Nithya ……You look so hot….my darling… beautiful……i want you……..SHe gave small sounds ……..oh…..and our breathing was increasing …..I licked her neck , earlobes,her back while my hands were exploring her navel and lower abdomen.

She turned around and pulled me to her and started sucking my lips. We were kissing and tasting each other’s tongue for 15 minutes. We became very hot and the kisses became licks, bites, moans and my hand was pressing her boobs and one hand was pressing her butt. We exchanged so much of sweet salivas….. I tore her blouse, removed her bra and started licking and sqeeziing her melons. I pulled her her hair back and started licking & biting her neck , her face & boobs madly & She gave sweet sounds like…….ssshhhhh…love you raj, lick me all over…..i love you ….and started touching my balls. She slowing removed my shirt. i kneel down and was wildly sucking and licking her fleshly navel. She said…….aahhhhhhhhhy…you lick so well my love and gave a erotic smile. She pulled me up and again we started exchanging saliva…..

I was a hot day and both were sweating and our sweats became one. Making love to woman other than my wife made me wild. I started licking her armpits and slid my hands into her saree and started caressing her butt, moving my finger in the crack between her ass cheeks. she moaned ……ssshhhh …ahhhhh……ammmm. I turned her and started touching her pussy while licking her neck from her back….my 7 inch rod was pushing her butt…..I removed her saree and touched her pussy through her wet panty. she begged me not to tease her ….but i continued my foreplay.

This made her wild beyond control……She removed my pants and tore my underwear. She started kissing my 7 inch rod and slowly tasted it. I was out of the world……she started taking my rod fully and started moving fast.

She started biting my cock wildly……oooch…i said its paining and pulled her hair back, but she was not ready to leave me. her saliva was warm and with lot of saliva in her mouth she bathed my penis. i have never had a such a wonderful blow job. after few minutes, i could take no longer and i loaded my cum in her mouth……she swallowed every drop of it and gave a erotic smile. I was disappointed that i could not hold on for some more time.

So we went and took bath in hot water and i started finger fucking her…..she started making wild sounds…..this excited me again and went down and licked her pussy……….this drove her wild. I lied down in the bathroom under the shower, and made her kneel down such that her pussy is above my mouth & the shower is falling on my dick and started tasting her pussy …….She shouted…..aahhhhhh……..lick me dry… bastard………l licked her pussy mouth and started tasting deep inside her. She said……oooohhh …..ammmmm i am coming darliing… you……eeehhhhh….aaahhhh and she had her orgasm and unloaded all her liquid in my mouth………Then we cleaned ourselves and had food from each other’s mouth.

We started our second session. We went into the bed room…switched on the AC and started kissing each other……after sometime we both became wild….and started exchanging saliva. We undressed and our bodies started feeling each other. My body could feel every inch of her body touching mine…I was licking her neck, slowly going down to her boobs, navel and then to her toes, her thighs……she was moaning and became wet. She then started wildly kissing, licking and biting me all over. She asked me to turn over and started licking all my back. She asked me to show my anus and started inserting her finger inside. Slowly she opened the anus slightly and inserted her tongue inside…. ooohhh it was superb….I grabed her and made her lie down on one side.

My penis was teasing her butt crack and i was licking her shoulder while my hands were pinching her nipple. She turned around her head and we were having a wild french kiss. She begged me to fuck her. I said….wait you sweet sexy darling……..and licked her upper thighs and then her pussy. I placed a pillow under her so that i can finger fuck her anus while licking her pussy……I slowly slid my middle finger into her anus….she said…..sshhhh….please fuck me …..i not able to to bear it…She was dripping her love juice….I licked her juice from her anus to pussy and slowly biting her clitoris….Then i finger fucked her pussy and touched her G spot while biting her boobs and neck.. She shouted….oooohhhhh….aaahhhhh…..mmmmm….i am coming…i feel like peeing……stop it…..i continued and she had a big orgasm.

Now, its time to fuck and inserted my condom. i slowly kept my rod on her pussy entrance and started teasing her. She kept her hand on my butt and pushed my penis in..i started sliding slowly and then started pushing faster…she cried…faster rohit……i love you…..aaahhhhh….mmmmm and made loud noise.When i about to cum, i removed my penis…….that way i had a long session waiting for her also to come again. We were wild and biting each other……..and she shouted ooohhhh i am going to come….ssshhhhhh…..i said aahhhhh i am also coming….wait for me……aaassssshhh.. finally we both came together………. we kissed each other and hugged.

It was already 4:00 pm and we had another hot session till 6:00 PM. then i dropped her to pick her son. Mail me at feel free to text me.. Any decent lady/ House wife wanting to have a safe and good time. Mail me! I promise a good time and a complete discretion since secrecy is important to me also!

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