A Night at the Adult Bookstore

I was visiting a friend (about 3 hours away) that is NOT in the swinger lifestyle, but knows that I have an open marriage and appreciated the freedom to have a long distance fuck friend without the fear of commitment.

One night she says will your wife let you go downtown like a date night or are you only allowed to fuck and leave? I responded that it is different when we are in the city I live in as we do not want each other to be seen by people we might know, but since we are not in my town that I am allowed to go out.

She said that she wanted to change clothes first now that she knows that I am allowed to go out. I follow her into the bedroom and she said “No, wait in the living room…
she comes out wearing an outfit that if she was in Hollywood she would either get propositioned or arrested. she was wearing a black short see thru dress with thigh high nylons and what appeared to be cum fuck me pumps.

We grab a bite to eat and then she said that she wants to go to the adult book store nearby and she wants me to fuck her in front of a group of people in the book store.

We arrive and I was amazed at the number of sex toys displayed and even more so by the amount of different magazines. We took a slow tour through the store. and there were about 3 couples there plus 2 ladies by themselves, and 3 guys by themselves and the older guy at the checkout ….I guess being a weekend it stays busy.

We start off by looking at some of the magazines and I can see her start to smile as she has a couple of guys (and ladies) noticing her outfit.

She turned to me and kisses me passionately and starts rubbing my crotch area which is def getting hard to her touch.
I expose her breasts and start kissing them as her nipples get erect in my mouth.

I placed my hand on her ass as she starts to unzip my jeans and pull out my cock, a few strokes and then she takes my cock into her mouth, by that time we start to get an audience building up, but it starts getting bad as some of the guys are trying to come over to join in (Remember, she is NOT in the lifestyle), one of the couples points to a sign that says video arcade and without a word I took her hand and walked through the red curtain. I was quickly overcome by a strong smell of SEX. I could hear the sounds of the movies with the moans of ecstasy. She was mesmerized by it all.

There was a room that allowed access to outsiders and all we had to do was open the curtains and they could all view us. I looked at the glass as she pulled out my cock again and began sucking, my fingers entered her pussy and damn was she wet, I def needed to know how good she tasted so I took my finger out and tasted her juices off my mouth…..Oh I def needed to direct myself to the source of that delicious taste.

I spread her legs so they could all get a glimpse of her clean shaven but oh so wet pussy before I slide my tongue deep inside.
I doubt the glass was able to hide the sounds of her moaning and I knew it would be a matter of time before I had to fuck her.
I grabbed a condom out of my jeans that were on the floor (Yes, my wife and I practice safe sex unless we are with each other) and slid it over my hard cock as I lifted her dress up and spread her legs. her breasts were popped out of her top and nipples erect with excitement.

I began fucking her with deep slow strokes and I swear I could see her juices coating the condom and that just made our audience even more excited. I could feel her constricting her muscles so that each stroke was tighter and gripping the hell out of my cock causing me to fuck her harder and faster, I was so ready to cum and she said she wanted to taste it so I pulled off the condom and released in her mouth, but then as it splashed on her tongue her tongue touched the tip of my cock and OMG, the sensitivity from the hard fucking caused me to twitch and I let loose another load on her face. I could see it hit her nose, lips and chin.

We pulled ourselves together and as we exited the booth I saw all the men just smiling at her. I thanked our audience for their approval as we walked away from them.

She saw some of the outfits and liked this sheer see thru outfit so I said I would buy it for her and we took it up to the check out counter and she looked at the clerk and she gave him a wink. He smiled and told us to cum back soon. I told him that he could count on it as we left.

As we walked out the front door the air hit her face and she suddenly realized that she had cum all over her face and hair. I laughed to myself knowing that the clerk had to have seen her cum glazed face.

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